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Who Is this For?

  • School students seeking their academic path
  • College students about to sit for campus interviews
  • College students vying for higher studies in national and international universities and require assistance in crafting SOP, want to crack the SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT etc
  • Professionals seeking a mid-career change
  • Differently-abled children who deserve a chance to succeed


Who Are We?

  • A group of professionals with a breadth of experience
  • Our Career Guidance head has a global work experience of 35 years and voluntarily opted out of a corporate career after becoming a COO
  • We have experts who are actively involved with students from the primary school to the post-graduation level
  • The team is capable of earning more money through other means this service is offered purely out of passion and a mission to create a more fulfilled society

How Can we Help?

  • We scientifically implement a range of assessment tools including personality tests, aptitude tests, psychometric professional appraisals, interviews and personal discussions

Our USPs

  • Our tools leverage best practices but customize them to suit the local educational, social and cultural milieu we call this scientific customization
  • We highlight the difference between a job and a career our processes are designed to help clients make the most meaningful and joyous career choice
  • As a value-add, we guide students and entrepreneurs prepare project reports for business and academic requirements