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Since inception, our certified counsellors & psychologists have helped hundreds of clients of all ages lead more fulfilling lives. This becomes possible due to our motto: Explore, Empower, Enrich. As clients explore their inner worlds, they create ways to empower themselves to take actions that enrich the quality of their lives. You, too, can create this possibility for yourselves.

Founded by Ms Sadiqa Patel in July 2015, Blue Nile Counseling, Life skills and Career Guidance is all about reaching out to people from various strata of society, with diverse backgrounds, and trying to help them bring about a positive change in their lives.


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What People have to say

Krishna Galgali

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

Each session was full of details, information, suggestions for handling different aspects. Personally grief has been a constant companion, with the loss of a sibling at an early age. The entire course was much needed for me as I struggled with the loss of my son and husband. There is a sense of relief with the knowledge that grief never ceases, as I thought I was not making enough efforts. Knowing that it will be there and that we learn to live with it, build our life around it felt like a release for me. I had joined more for myself than for the clients. I am grateful for the course. I was at the right place at the right time.

Nandini Shivkumar

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

This course on grief counseling has been the most difficult and intense course I have taken up so far. Every class led by the professionals have helped us all understand the subject matter deeper . Very supportive team and the recordings and the books shared has been more learning for me individually.

Vasumathi Bhaskar

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

On the whole the course was extremely helpful to undo some of my inhibitions about the grief.

Shobha Sreenath

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

Course was awesome , each n every topics clearly explained , very useful every individual. It's most necessity these awareness for people. I acknowledge every topic was amazing . Lot of learning from this course. Thank u Sreedhar n other team members for such a insight.

Thulasi Manogaran

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

The entire course of learning has made to look into my own strengths and grit factors. Earlier i used to think grief has fallen upon my life only. in reality, it isn't. The fact that grief has been treating all equal and the individual pains are inevitable. The degree of toxicity each person carries for themselves are like a huge sac of stones. As a counsellor, being present to the emotions and providing safe space to express does the crucial work. And every speakers Dr Shoba, Arti Rajaratnam, Eswar and Ashwini had made the learning process immersive. Sreedhar sir expertise on the subject matter helped me to reflect back and take actions through interventions. Especially the photo album, scrap book, writing letter to heal, questioning the possibility of other reasons contributed to grief were found easy and doable with gentleness.

​Excellent team work and well thought program. Thank you!

Malvika V Mokashi

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

The sessions are very informative and very good food for thought…. The sessions by Shridhar sir, Ashwini and Shobha madam are very informative and thrown light on recent and life related issues…. Eshwar sir and Aarti madam sessions were also informative…. The course is very good and can be useful for our life…. The techniques we learnt in course can be applied in our own life as well as in our counselling sessions…. I thank Shridhar sir and Sadiqa and other members for organising such a wonderful course and given me an opportunity to be the part of the course…. Thank you so much….

Judia Dorin Hephzibah S

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

This course was overwhelming and my main objective of joining this course was to help clients who have lost their loved ones due to the pandemic and this time calls for a course like this. I feel more confident in my own abilities through my learnings. I really appreciate the structure of the course and how it helped me grasp better since it was organized and presented in a digestible way considering how heavy the topic is! The speakers were brilliant! Never been in a course where I liked all the speakers! This is the first! Looking forward to be a part of future courses conducted by your organizations.

Sherly Thomas Jacob

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

The entire course was wonderful. After my Counselling course and life skills course ,this is the first time I am attending another course. This was a fruitful journey and I am looking forward to more courses.

Sneha S Nayak

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

Grief counselling as a tool has added value to my sessions ., It was extremely informative and helpful

Dr Sandhya C T

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

It was a very well planned course. Was very happy with the breakout room discussion and planned activities.

Neeti Sehgal

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

It was a wonderful course. There were lot of inputs I have got from the course. Some aspects are very new to me. Overall it was an eye opener to lot of things I was unaware about.

Shalini Singh

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

This course was an amazing journey for me... deep, insightful and interesting.. a journey both within and outside. There were rigamarole of emotions.... technically, I got to learn more and also got more terms for the tools i was already using.
My horizon is much bigger now ... gratitude

Nadine Thomas

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

The classes have helped me understand grief in all its dimensions. I am now more confident in applying what I have learnt in a counselling session and also being there for friends and relatives who are going through various stages of bereavement.
I now know that grief will always be there and we will have to grow around it
Learning about disenfranchised grief was an eye opener and will help me connect to others and understand them better. I will also educate others so that this grief is no longer denied.
All the sessions were good and concise.
One addition to the session could be a live session which would help one in understanding how a grief counselling session could progress.
I have and will recommend this course to people I know. All the best and thank you.

Srimoyee Roy

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

Great course. Very well organised and presented. I feel equipped as a Counsellor to handle Grief better now.

Jayalakshmi Deepak

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

One of the best sessions I have attended so far since I am feeling empowered with a tool on grief counselling to use in my counselling sessions. It also helped me with self-reflection on various aspects.
I appreciate the attention to detail that was gathered and presented to us on the topics.
The change in faculty for various topics were both intriguing and beneficial.

Narayanan M Sundar

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

The course has created a brighter hope in the mind that grieving minds can be listened to with a better and broader understanding.

On a personal front, the course has annulled thought my mind was clouded with, both with grieving and listening to those I may be privileged to offer counselling.

An enriching experience, overall.

V Sakunthala

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

The course has been amazing in ways it was dealt with, touched upon various aspects of loss, separation, bereavement, etc. The self experiential way of facing, understanding, accepting and dealing loss by Aarti was fantastic. The tools and interventions shared by Ashwini and Eshwar are helpful and practical.

Nandini H K

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

I believe anything that serves the purpose is great.
That's what I feel about the course.
This course came to me when I was at the worst state of my life with hopelessness and zero purpose. This gave me a purpose to thrive back.
My whole purpose of joining the course was self care. It is served beautifully and that has lead me to trust life again. I am from No purpose state to full of plans and purpose now.
I had utilized all the opportunity to work on every feelings of mine. Participated to the fullest of my knowledge.
Thanks for providing me a platform to share my journey, my views, and for helping to get back to my original self.

Bhavya Vishwanath

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

Sessions were very well organised.
Flexible enough to accommodate the participants’ needs.
Great learning experience through interactive sessions
Safe enough to share our deepest and intense emotions
Overall mind blowing
Thank you team

Mrinali Angadi

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

My opinion of the course overall has been an absolutely wonderful experience. All the eight decisions would absolutely wonderful in terms of both the lecturer as well as the subject matter that was included in each session. The topics covered were very valuable. Right from session 1 to the last session, the information was absolutely impactful, retrospective, valuable and helpful as a counsellor. All the topics covered were very interesting and important with respect to grief counselling. Although the course lasted 2 months, the content matter and the topics covered were very vast and very inclusive. The interactive sessions and the breakout rooms were also heavily impactful. All the faculty as well as the guest lecturers were wonderful and broadened our knowledge immensely. The course overall I was absolutely amazing, I learned a lot and I am grateful and thankful for the immense knowledge I gained through this course. The learning station and the takeaways were so valuable and I will be sure to implement them moving forward in counselling sessions.
I would like to thank the faculty and guest faculty for the amazing course structure and content that was included and them very digestible manner in which it was conveyed to all of us.
I am grateful for the experience.
Thank you so much once again.

Jyotilaxmi R Udapudi

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

It's amazing 😍 and feeling happy . Thank you so much.

Bhawani Yerrapotu

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

Grief is an ocean of a topic. But the way Sreedhar designed the course to put across everything that can be known and be aware of grief counselling was put very thoroughly. Assignments can be more applied is what I feel for future. 🙏

Priya Rajnish Barua

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

The course was brilliant. I benefitted immensely from the knowledge and the experience of so many experts and participants. The classes went so smooth and all those who felt the need to express and vent were allowed too which gave further insight into how emotions can overwhelm...very glad I enrolled and learnt so much.big huge thankuu

Chaitra Nayak

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

  1. Perfect blend of theory and practical knowledge.
  2. Every divided topic was well covered and discussed.
  3. Presentations were appealing, interesting and colourful keeping the theme in mind. (Kept the child in me active)
  4. Guest lectures were informative.
  5. The whole course had an in-depth evaluation by Sreedhar Mandyam and was effectively conducted to the success of transfer of knowledge.

Jayashree (Joy) Basu

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

Very informative and useful as it addressed different types of grief as well as suggested interventions. Bringing in experts for different sessions was a wonderful experience for us to be able to hear on the ground practical suggestions as well as be inspired by some truly committed counsellors in this field. Thank you Sreedhar and Sadiqa!

Esther Sylvia V

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

I found the course to be extremely useful, since I started out with knowing little about grief and now I feel empowered to deal with grief, it gave me the confidence that the knowledge that I gained through this course along some extra reading will make me an efficient counsellor, equipped to deal with grief.

Vidhya Vishwanath

Certificate in Grief Counselling (Dec 2021)

Excellent course with stalwart speakers and great content

Rashmi Krishnan

Certificate in Grief Counselling - Dec 2021

It really helped me have a deeper understanding of the grieving