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Experienced domain counsellors who are capable of helping children and adolescents deal with their core problem areas like. Our aim is to help clients:

Attitudes & Adjustment with environment.

Mental Health Issues

Studies & Issues affecting academics.

Self Expression & Motivation

Facing Challenges

Guardian Relationship Problems


Highly capable team equipped to deal with Depression & disorders related to it.

Stress & Ways to deal with it.

Emotional Disorders

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Interpersonal Processes for underlying Depression


Experienced counsellors who help individuals deal with their emotional issues in a non judgmental manner.

Managing Pressure

Dealing with Misfortunes

Seclusion & Discouragement

Social Anxieties & Stress

Marital Conflicts


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Blue Nile Counselling is your trusted counselling destination. By leveraging the power of empathy and confidentiality, Blue Nile Counselling provides a one-stop resolution for all your counselling needs with qualified professionals who embody our vision.
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