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Blue Nile Counselling is your trusted counselling destination. By leveraging the power of empathy and confidentiality, Blue Nile Counselling provides a one-stop resolution for all your counselling needs with qualified professionals who embody our vision.
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Since inception, our certified counsellors & psychologists have helped hundreds of clients of all ages lead more fulfilling lives. This becomes possible due to our motto: Explore, Empower, Enrich. As clients explore their inner worlds, they create ways to empower themselves to take actions that enrich the quality of their lives. You, too, can create this possibility for yourselves.

Founded by Ms Sadiqa Patel in July 2015, Blue Nile Counseling, Life skills and Career Guidance is all about reaching out to people from various strata of society, with diverse backgrounds, and trying to help them bring about a positive change in their lives.


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If you can’t come to us, we’ll find our way to you. Blue Nile is happy to announce online consultations. Book your online consultation now:

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Health is Wealth’ may be a cheesy adage but it is more important than ever now. Being bound at home and restricted from our regular

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Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology helps to understand challenges faced by the students.
Experience of doing the Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology course worthwhile
Feedback for the Diploma in Student Counselling Course
Testimony for the Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology.
Testimony for the Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology.
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