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Even if the body is weak, the mind can stay strong 

Even when negative events happen, the mind can stay positive

Founded by Ms Sadiqa Patel in July 2015, Blue Nile Counselling, Life skills and Career Guidance is all about reaching out to people from various strata of society, with diverse backgrounds, and trying to help them bring about a positive change in their lives. Every human being is unique and as such the problems faced by each one of them is unique too. Regardless of age, gender or even educational qualification every human being needs a human touch. In today’s fast paced lifestyle we communicate a lot thanks to social media, but somewhere we fail to connect with people. This is the gap that we at Blue Nile constantly strive to bridge.

At Blue Nile Counselling, we believe that the constant struggle between who we are and who we want to be lies at the heart of all the conflicts of the human mind. This struggle can be addressed by a combination of two ideas:

  • Logic: Using scientific principles to understand human behaviour &
  • Compassion: Accepting people without judgment and offering them a safe space to explore their inner world

Our areas of expertise:

  • Anxiety disorders,
  • Depression,
  • Marriage Counselling,
  • Relationship Counselling,
  • Adolescent Counselling,
  • Child Counselling,
  • Life skills training,
  • Career Guidance and many more.

Since inception, our certified counsellors & psychologists have helped hundreds of clients of all ages lead more fulfilling lives. This becomes possible due to our motto: Explore, Empower, Enrich. As clients explore their inner worlds, they create ways to empower themselves to take actions that enrich the quality of their lives. You, too, can create this possibility for yourselves.



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