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Less than 200 years ago, marriage was an institution designed to offer stability. And, if one was lucky, some companionship. But the modern marriage carries the bane of larger than life expectations. We expect our spouse to be our lover, best friend, confidante and financial partner. Sometimes, they must guide us as parents and at other times, they need to obey us as children.

It’s unrealistic to expect any relationship to carry so much burden. The fact that two unique individuals come together and attempt a shared journey that lasts decades is itself miraculous. The awesomeness of the miracle, however, gets lost as unresolved and chronic conflicts seep into the relationship.

Our in-house experts have studied the modern marriage deeply and approach the needs of any couple without judgment of what will work.


The Blue Nile Methodology

  • Identify patterns of dysfunction in the relationship
  • Then identify underlying beliefs on either side that are in conflict with each other
  • Map behavior to beliefs & remove behavioral interpretations that stem from incorrect assumptions
  • Identify “trigger” behaviors and encourage proactive change to avoid such triggers
  • Leverage appropriate tools (amongst dozens) to smoothen communication and enhance intimacy
  • Suggest personalized steps to rekindle affection
  • Seek intervention from a sex specialist of required

High-level objectives

  • Have realistic expectations from each other
  • Come to a deeper understanding of the other’s behavior
  • Implement personalized and demonstrably effective ways to express positive emotions to the other person
  • Practice more explicit communication modes – especially in conflict management
  • Eliminate lifestyle choices that cause constant friction
  • Create a fool proof plan for companionship – so that other relationships don’t dilute the importance of this relationship

Our areas of expertise

Anxiety disorders, Depression, Marriage Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Adolescent Counselling, Child Counselling, Career Guidance and many more.


Counselling and Life skills go hand in hand and hence we offer varied services that enable you to get the best of life skills.

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