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Generally speaking, the modern family structure is more fluidic and less stable. Old ways of living haven’t quite disappeared and new ways of living haven’t been adopted holistically. Financial pressures, technological advancements, hectic lifestyles and heightened anxieties are causing fissures in the institution.

It requires a few enhanced skills to intervene as a family counselor. This model incorporates the intimacy of one-and-one counseling as well as the rigor of multi-person counseling. Our in-house experts have what it takes to serve families as devotedly as they serve individuals.


The Blue Nile Methodology

  • Separate the problem from the person
  • Identify patterns of dysfunction in the family
  • Then identify underlying beliefs on all side that are in conflict with each other
  • Map behavior to beliefs & remove behavioral interpretations that stem from incorrect assumptions
  • Encourage storytelling to help other members understand the context for behavior (stemming from past social and cultural experiences)
  • Identify “trigger” behaviors and encourage proactive change to avoid such triggers
  • Encourage affirmative behavior
  • Highlight the unique strengths of each member
  • Leverage appropriate tools (amongst dozens) to smoothen communication and enhance intimacy
  • Suggest personalized steps to rekindle affection in each relationship

High-level objectives

  • Have realistic expectations from each other
  • Implement personalized and demonstrably effective ways to express positive emotions to others
  • Practice more explicit communication modes – especially in conflict management
  • Eliminate lifestyle choices that cause constant friction
  • Plan weekly and annual/semi-annual bonding experiences

Our areas of expertise

Anxiety disorders, Depression, Marriage Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Adolescent Counselling, Child Counselling, Career Guidance and many more.


Counselling and Life skills go hand in hand and hence we offer varied services that enable you to get the best of life skills.

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