In the modern era, old age has become a scary and lonely phase of life. While advancements in healthcare have increased longevity, the overall quality of life has dropped for our elderly. As the body weakens, the need for love and support increases. Even empathetic family members often find it difficult to take of these basic human needs due to the demands of a hectic life.

The need for expert counsellors in this space has never been greater. We at Blue Nile can help.


The Blue Nile Methodology

  • Encourage impactful catharsis – so that deeply toxic emotions are released fully
  • Help them rediscover the achievements and joys of their life
  • Help them set realistic goals that resonate with their uniqueness
  • Encourage them to find the model of living that will best suit their needs
  • Initiate their acquaintance with technology so that they can keep in touch with loved ones
  • Involve the family as needed – through counseling as well as our training programs that are designed to understand the elderly

High-level objectives

  • Have realistic expectations from each other
  • Implement personalized and demonstrably effective ways to express positive emotions to others
  • Practice more explicit communication modes – especially in conflict management
  • Eliminate lifestyle choices that cause constant friction
  • Plan weekly and annual/semi-annual bonding experiences

Our areas of expertise

Anxiety disorders, Depression, Marriage Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Adolescent Counselling, Child Counselling, Career Guidance and many more.


Counselling and Life skills go hand in hand and hence we offer varied services that enable you to get the best of life skills.