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Forgiveness: A Psychological Perspective


Blue Nile Counselling in association with Project ‘Say Yes to Wellness’ is organizing an online workshop on ‘ Forgiveness: Psychological Perspective’

Platform: ZOOM

Date: 24th & 25th Feb.

Timings: 6pm to 7:30pm

Fee :Rs. 2000

Faculty : Ashwini N.V, mental health professional with keen interest in prevention of abuse and promotion of community mental health will be facilitating the session.

Topics covered during the workshop are as follows:

• What is Forgiveness? (Multiple conceptualization are explored)
• Difference between forgiveness and condoning, forgetting, excusing, denying, and reconciliation
• Tools to explore and measure forgiveness
• Blocks and reasons for forgiveness
• Personality traits and forgiveness
• Link between forgiveness and wellbeing
• Stages of forgiveness according to Enright model
• Granting and Seeking forgiveness
• Activities and Interventions to promote Forgiveness
• Applications: Personal Life, Counselling setting, Workplace, Educational setting

The workshop introduces participants to constructs and activities that one can use to facilitate forgiveness of self, others, or situations.

Participants from all walks of life are welcome to attend.
For Registration call on 9886044221.

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