Diploma in
Life Skills & Emotional Intelligence

Being emotionally intelligent is vital to lead a healthy and a harmonious life in today’s world. Being emotionally intelligent means understanding ourselves, handling our emotions in a mature way, understanding others and helping them to handle their emotions. 

Life Skills are the essential skills needed to navigate the current world. Skills that equip you for life to deal with self and others.

Admission Criteria

The course will be conducted in English and hence basic knowledge of English is expected. Anyone above the age of 18 can enrol in the course. The course will be completely online and would need the basic skill of operating a computer. 

Course Duration

Students can choose from the two batches that we offer. One batch will be in the mornings and the other in the evenings. Each batch will have sessions of 2 hours duration. 

*Batch 1: Mornings will be Monday from 11:00 am to 1 pm.*(Aug 08, 2022, to Jan 2023)

*Batch 2: Evenings will be Thursday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. (Aug 11, 2022, to Jan 2023)

Course evaluation is assignment based

Since the emphasis of the course is on practical, many of the assignments will require the students of the course to meet children/adults in their environment, speak to them on specific issues and submit their reports. There will be five assignments in the course and other than that the students are also required to take part in the presentations in the class to hone their training/presentation skills

Expectations from the participants

We expect 100% attendance from every student. All students of the course are expected to attend ALL  the classes in the course and follow the rules of engagement as defined by the faculty. They are expected to submit all the assignments in time and take an active part in the classroom activity. They are expected to uphold strict confidentiality on all matters shared by other participants either in the class or the children that they will talk to as part of their assignments

Earning Potential & Course Fee

Earning potential:  Life Skills Trainers and EI Coaches are hired by private training organizations who in turn enter into contract with schools/colleges/corporate to train the participants. Some schools/colleges do hire full time Life Skills Coaches. Participants of the course can also become freelance trainers and offer courses and workshops on their own.

Course Fee: The course fee is Rs 35000/- to be paid in one shot at the beginning of the course. 

Group Discount: If 4 or more people join together as a group, then they have to pay Rs 32000/- per person. Refund of the course fee is possible before the course starts after deducting Rs 1000/- as administrative expenses. No refund is possible once the course starts.

Instalment facility: Students can pay by instalments if they wish

First instalment at admission: Rs. 16,000/-

Second Instalment before 10 September 2022: Rs. 10.000/-

Third instalment before 10 October 2022: 10,000/-

Course content

This will be a ONE SEMESTER  course with classes conducted once a week. The duration of the class will be for two hours. Since this is an online course, some activities will be built into the course.

The focus of the course is on practical aspects of learning Life Skills and understanding Emotional Intelligence and will cover the following areas:

Module 1 Understanding the Life Skills 

*Introduction*Self Awareness*Critical Thinking

*Creative Thinking*Problem Solving*Decision Making

*Coping with Emotions*Coping with Stress*Empathy*Communication Skills*Interpersonal Skills

Module 2 Emotional Intelligence and Training

*Conflict Resolutions*Persuasion and Influence
*Value Education*Story Telling
*Assessments*Teaching Life Skills to others
*Sex Education/Gender Sensitivity Training
*College to Campus

Polishing Your Presentation Skills

In addition to the weekly classes, special sessions would be arranged ONLINE where the participants are expected to come and present on different topics from 5 minutes to 15 minutes each. This is to polish your training and presentations skills if you are interested in becoming a Trainer or a Coach. They will get extensive feedback on their presentations. 


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